My Personal Strength

“The human heart yearns for contact … each of us ... yearns to be … recognised in our uniqueness, our fullness and our vulnerability”
— Hycner and Jacobs

I have always had a great sensitivity to other people and their feelings, and have an ability to reach out and support those around me who are grappling with the hurts and struggles that life presents.

My own journey has been no different to others in that I came up against unexpected challenges and hurdles, and this led me to seek therapy when the road became too rough. This has proven invaluable to me and influenced my family, social, and work life in countless ways. I believe I became a stronger person in my own right. Communication with my children became more meaningful and less conflicted. I progressed to management level in my career, relating better with my superiors and colleagues. I found I was able to empower my staff and consequently watched them take greater responsibility and make great strides in their work life.

As a result of these varied experiences I ultimately decided to undertake further study in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. After the first stage of Postgraduate study, I completed a course in the Theory and Practice of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, which enabled me to deepen my understanding and knowledge about the practice of psychotherapy. After working initially with a charitable institution I chose also to use my skills in private practice. Since then I have helped others look at their lives through a different prism: to gain awareness, and to bring understanding and meaning. Furthermore - I help people to feel cared for, accepted, and supported, and thus able to see their choices more clearly before taking action to build a fuller and more fulfilling and satisfying life.

I work with men and women over the age of 18 on a one to one basis. My mission is to promote personal development, allowing people to reach their true self. I help facilitate growth through connected, understanding communication, and self awareness.

Individual therapy is offered to adults who are dealing with a range of everyday problems, hurts and challenges. Both short term and long term therapy is offered, depending on the nature of the presenting problem and the goals of each individual.

My specific areas of interest are:

  • Grief and loss  
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Trauma
  • Emigration or Relocation

Treatment approach:
Coming to counselling can be quite a daunting experience. First up, I help my clients overcome the difficulty of discussing painful or troubling issues by offering a safe and confidential environment.

In the first appointment we discuss your situation and try to get an overall understanding of what you are experiencing, and what your expectations of therapy are. If you feel comfortable working with me, we will arrange to meet for another 2 or 3 sessions, during which time we will explore in greater detail your family background, current relationships and difficulties. We can then give each other feedback and communicate openly on how best to move forward.

If we decide to continue, a regular weekly appointment will be arranged.

Counselling is a meaningful, challenging and rewarding journey.
It is a way of connecting to ourselves to find out who we are and what we need to live a fulfilling life.
It is a process of finding our authenticity.
Counselling is a way of working through pain, suffering and fear. It is a way of liberating ourselves.